First Blockchain Art Gallery

Blockchain Has Made It To The Artsy, And People Are Lovin’ It!

It’s been quite a long time while hearing how blockchain has successfully penetrated the art world. A few major advances have been made and there are many artists already using this technology.

This time, blockchain has made it to the Artsy, a popular art gallery backed by investors like Google’s Eric Schmidt, Peter Thiel, and Chris Dixon. However, a lot of efforts went into getting the permission to sell their art work on Artsy. co founders, Andrey Alekhin and Misha Libman with Artsy CTO, Daniel Doubrovkine, were trying to get advice from his advice on “how to position ourselves as the new guys on the block in the art world.” A lot of interviews took place before they finally got the approval for the same.

By now, it showcases the work of a popular artist, Eve Sussman, who’s been featured in The National Gallery London. Her Blockchain-based video project, 89 Seconds Atomized, is available on’s Artsy store by far.

Libman aims for a wider exposure as people are not used to the blockchain-based art. Partnering with the popular art gallery, Artsy, would surely do the trick.

Libman says –

“For an audience that is interested in collecting art, we can be that gateway for them to explore [blockchain] technology as a medium.”

A well-known marketplace committed to blockchain-based art is DADA, which is a platform where artists collaborate on digital pieces which collectors can buy or sell on the Ethereum blockchain.

Artsy have over 3,000 gallery partners from across 95 nations on its website with big names like Gagosian and Simon Lee. it’s the first blockchain-based art gallery since this area isn’t much explored when it comes to the world of digital currencies.

Artsy even claims to have 2.2 million unique monthly visitors, and being at the top ranking for an art marketplace on Google, featuring work from more than 80,000 artists.