Blockchain Firm HashCash Partners With Undisclosed Gaming Platform From Australia

HashCash Consultants, a blockchain company, has announced through a press release that it is entering into a collaborative partnership with an unnamed video games developer from Australia. The aim of this partnership is to enable HashCash to introduce its tokenization services and white label cryptocurrency exchanges for gaming platforms. With this, the company is making a foray into the gaming space, a hot arena for the blockchain industry at present.

The partnership has been made with a firm that has only been described as “prominent” and has not been named. The press release tells us:

“Video streaming games is the star of third generation video games, often touted to be the best of them all. However, the pricing scheme currently thrives on – a once a year payment for endless titles – can be expanded to monetize it further. This has created an opportunity for a prominent Australian video games developer to collaborate with California-based software development company, HashCash Consultants, to explore options built on the technology most suited to this purpose – blockchain.”

White label solutions refer to solutions that are developed and created for other platforms, who can then rebrand the solutions and put their own labels, to rewrite the white labels.

The press release focuses on how the gaming sector stands to benefit from have a blockchain-based model of tokenization. This will allow gaming platforms to make money off their platforms and portals by establishing decentralized channels of micropayments between the multiple stakeholders and participants.

How can HashCash contribute to a gaming platform? The press release explains:

“With HashCash, a games company can customize its own native digital asset on the blockchain or integrate its created ERC token on the network. Since HashCash accepts multiple currencies for investment purposes, their ICO partners also avail a wide variety of funding options.Clients can have the blockchain company create a root account, or integrate the contract’s owner account with the blockchain wallet. An initial number of coins or tokens could subsequently be added in these wallets. Another feature of an ICO with HashCash happens to be easily adaptable APIs for sending and receiving tokens.”

The press release also elaborates upon the massive potential of blockchain technology in transforming the gaming sector completely. With regard to how that may be made possible, they have said in the press release that:

“A few fundamental features of blockchain makes it a favorite of the gaming populace. The first one is the anonymity factor – gamers can make quick, legitimate in-game transactions without having to reveal their personal details on the public ledger. Second, the transparency of blockchain makes it easy to track one’s payments within the blockchain network, significantly mitigating the chances of fraud. Other incentives include no taxation on cryptocurrency transactions.”

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