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Blockchain Enabled Gaming Project, PixelBit To Be Launched In May

Over the past few years, new inventions, smart devices, innovations, and technological solutions have surrounded all aspects and made people’s lives more digitized. The gaming industry is no exception.

Previously, for online gaming, players had to connect to a particular server or IP address in order to play with friends, but now, only internet access is required to play from almost every part of the world.

Online gaming also provides new features, such as secure data storage and smart payments, which have been made available through the implementation of blockchain solutions. Many ICO companies are concerned with gaming issues, and Pixelbit is one of them.

Find the Right Solution with PixelBit

To address issues such as data insecurity, lack of originality, broken games and fraudulent activity, the PixelBit founders came up with a new approach.

The company created an approach that offers better margins for both gamers and game developers and administers real-world bonuses in PXB-enabled games. It aims at making  gaming more enjoyable and also offer opportunities to earn money during gameplay.

PixelBit was formed for maximising cross-platform interoperability, from mobile gaming to PC and consoles. The company decided to use blockchain technology for its high security, optimization, and democratization of data.

PixelBit  uses individual APIs to implement both the mining process, as well as payments and transactions into the most popular game engines such as Unity, Unreal and others. Game engineers can use these APIs  to set up a dynamically adapting pricing system that continually monitors the PXB value.

Enjoy the Opportunities

For secure P2P trading mechanisms, PixelBit uses its own PXB token.  Gamers can use it to earn money and buy various goods such as skins, cosmetic assets, or other essential in-game items, playing PixelBit games. The tokens are based on the Ethereum (ERC20 token) as its foundation due to its inherent security and compatibility, as its standardized protocols are already compatible with all main exchanges and wallets.

The project will give early users an easy opportunity to get into PixelBit, by releasing initial PXB supplies and also provide timeframes for in-game implementation.

PixelBit offers unique opportunities for passionate gamers and continues to develop new approaches driven by the power of digitalization.