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Blockchain developers hiring at Mastercard

For more than 50 years the company that has been using technology and expertise to make payments safer, simpler and smarter is MasterCard. Be it an individual, an industry or the government, this payment giant has touched each and every domain providing fast, efficient and transparent payment gateway. The security of customers and cardholders is the top priority of the company, so they focus more on developing new and safer ways to pay.

Additionally, the world’s cardinal payment systems MasterCard is looking forward to expanding. On 12th April 2018, this payment system announced that it will be hiring 175 new technology developers and blockchain specialists. As the fact state that blockchain technology works on linked and secured blocks of information that use cryptography. This would provide a secure and resistant to modification design. This design will be further implemented to provide a risk-free and shielded payment system. The MasterCard Labs headquartered in Leopardstown, Ireland will incorporate the new employees in research and development facility (R&D) in its MasterCard office. The new blockchain specialists will work on creating a time saving and productive payment gateway system.

MasterCard had been eyeing to add blockchain applications to its services for sometimes now. It had also set up experimental blockchain based API in 2016, announcing that these programs will facilitate business to business transactions.

The country manager of the company Sonya Geelon said in a statement,  Projects promoting financial inclusion at home and abroad, and providing consumers, business and governments with safe and secure ways to pay is the main aim of MasterCard. MasterCard is quite ambitious about its blockchain technology. Since last year it has been working on presentations that recorded purchase order invoices, transaction data and accelerating transaction settlement time. According to the press release, new hires will work on developing a more cost-effective, methodical and safe payment system.