Blockchain Developers are in High Demand: Linkedin Report

The hottest job in the US market is blockchain development at the moment, according to a report published by Linkedin on Dec 13. The professional social network as it is commonly known as has collected data from its Economic Graph throughout five years to analyze different companies and the job offers they have put out.

The data reveals that the demand for blockchain developers has increased 33 folds in the past 12 months. Cities like  San Francisco, New York City, and Atlanta shows the highest order for blockchain developers. The skill set the companies are looking for in an ideal blockchain developer includes Solidity, the blockchain, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, and Node.js.

The Job Demand for Emerging Technology Shows Massive Spike

The blockchain developer job is for sure selling like ‘hot cakes,’ but the recent report suggests many other emerging technologies like Artificial intelligence and machine learning has seen a significant surge in recent times. Every six out of fifteen jobs are some way related to the AI.

On the other hand, machine learning engineers have seen a spike of 12 folds in the job market. The primary skills required for the job include deep learning, machine learning, tensorflow, Apache Spark and natural language processing as essential skills needed.

The Rise of Blockchain Related Jobs Over the Years

The social media for professionals and job seekers suggest that the growth of blockchain related job market has seen a humongous rise over the years. There were 645 vacancies posted by different companies which included the tag “blockchain,” “Bitcoin,” or “cryptocurrency” in the year 2016. The number grew to 1800 in 2017 and by the mid-May of 2018 the Linkedin suggest there were 4500 vacancies

Another report published by job review website Glassdoor indicate that a total of 1,775 vacancies related to blockchain were posted by US companies, which is three times the offers a year ago. Out of the total job vacancies, a massive 79% of the vacancies are concentrated to 15 major metropolitans of America. The most saturated demand is in New York with 24% of the total job opening, and San Francisco comes a close second with 21% of the total blockchain related jobs.

The Social Network’s kingmaker, Facebook has posted five blockchain related jobs in the last three weeks. The job description describes the position as technically and intellectually challenging work, which “will have a massive global impact.”

Final Thoughts

The recent report only solidifies the future of blockchain technology when you have such a massive growth and demand in just five years that you are leading the Artificial Intelligence realm by a considerable margin. Mind you a few years back; all people could ever talk about was AI and Machine learning.

The role of European regulators and even South Asia suggest that Blockchain as technology is finally getting its due and people realize its importance beyond cryptocurrencies.