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Blockchain Beer to Reach France and the Channel Islands with Marks and Spencer’s

The world’s first blockchain beer is to reach France and the Channel Islands with Marks and Spencer’s taking the lead very soon. Downstream Hybrid is an India Pale Lager (IPL), that is brewed by the Boyne Brewhouse. Each bottle has a scannable QR code that leads the user to the entirety of its supply chain data that has been stored on a secure blockchain network.

The supermarket chain is taking the brand to 150 of its stores in the mentioned regions and with blockchain beer becoming increasingly popular, it is expected to have a substantial demand among the locals of these areas.

According to sources familiar with the development, Marks and Spencer’s has decided to increase the listing for this blockchain beer and extend it to 150 new locations in France and the Channel Islands because it has been performing so well over the last six months. The product has enjoyed an immense popularity so far and has been sold in huge numbers to enthusiastic customers.

Seven months ago, the product had secured an exclusive listing in a total of 250 Marks and Spencer’s stores all over the United Kingdom. In all these months, over 40,000 bottles have been sold, signalling to the supermarket chain that it is time to take it to other locations as well.

The Downstream Hybrid IPL Beer is brewed by the Irish brewery Boyne Brewhouse and is distriby by Irish Craft Beers. Each and every bottle of this product comes with a QR code that directs the user to all the information about the product’s life cycle till that point. With customers wanting more and more data about whatever they consume, the blockchain element has gained massive popularity, along with the fact that the beer lovers have also appreciated the quality of the product.

Shane McCarthy, co-founder of the brewery making this wildly successful product has reportedly comment on its popularity, saying:

“Downstream is a stand out example, with insight, expertise, and passion, creating a genuinely trailblazing product, that has been incredibly well-received by consumers.”

Blockchain is known for its ubiquitous ability to facilitate a large variety of use cases and the success of the blockchain beer only testifies to its capacity for the same.