Blockchain Based IT Innovation Platform To Be Launched By Moscow

According to recent news, the Moscow government has made plans to launch an “IT-platform of the innovation cluster of Moscow”, before spring. This platform will focus exclusively on Blockchain Technology where its members will be able to relate to the other members of the community. Cluster members will also be able to receive financial support from the government, as per a media report of February 12.

The report says that the government intends to launch an IT platform that will work on and around Blockchain Technology. The platform is scheduled to launch before the end of Spring. The Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow, Alexei Fursin said that there will be a competition to establish the center.

Fursin also said:

“We base our IT platform already on the resource that exists in the city. Now, this platform will be finalized, we hope it will be launched before the end of spring.”

The center will also help in building relationships among people and take financial support from the government. The report also outlined that cluster members will be able to register, find potential partners, as well as gain knowledge about the products offered by other people. The members will also be eligible for grants from the government. The bill for the Innovation Cluster was recently approved by the members of the Presidium of the Moscow Government. There are also expectations that the bill will also be introduced later on, in the Moscow City Duma.

Russia as of late has started to take its foray into the world of blockchain seriously and we are seeing multiple efforts in that regard. The country already has plans to utilize Blockchain in discovering talent in kids. There are also reports about the Raiffeisen Bank International, who has issued an international bank guarantee using the Distributed Ledger Technology. The bank had partnered with three other organizations to effect the transaction, having noted that Blockchain is fast and makes the process much more transparent.