Blockchain-based IoT Startups

Blockchain-based IoT Startups are Set to Revolutionize the World

Internet of Things (IoT) has been getting a lot of attention owing to its obvious potential to revolutionise the modern world. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a world where every aspect of our lives is connected to the internet and can be easily programmed by us?

Where this probability seems fantastic, there is one issue persists though; SECURITY.

On the one hand, internet floods so many possibilities. On the other, due to its all-encompassing nature, it becomes essential to protect the freedom from malicious people.

Here, blockchain coupled with IoT doubles down with both power and potential. With the partnership of the two, currently, there are several IoT startups which base themselves on blockchain technology. We will walk you through some of the growing IoT startups which are actually making a difference in the world whether it is real estate, retail, energy, banking, food, healthcare or any other sector of life.

Blockchain IoT Startups

1. Filament

The Filament is a Nevada based startups focusing on protecting data in IoT products. This company prepares hardware and software based on blockchain technology to serve sectors like manufacturing, construction, transportation and software industries.

2. BurstIQ, Inc.

BurstIQ, Inc. works in the healthcare sector using blockchain to process health-related data with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The platform works as a common connecting way among the government, pharma, users, business, etc.

3. Xage

This is a California based startup focused on safeguarding the IoT infrastructure. It is a feature-laden administration offering services like automated safety policies, zero interference access credentials, access control, etc. It caters to utilities, transportation, energy, manufacturing, and building management industries.


This too is a California based startup. NETOBJE uses blockchain to allow varied IoT devices to communicate with one another via the company’s own designed decentralised mechanism. It offers IoToken offering a safe digital environment for the smart-devices to interact with one another. According to the company, this token can be used in various industries.

5. GRID+

The world’s first ever blockchain-powered energy retailer, GRID+ deals with energy saving IoT. It uses Ethereum Blockchain to allow its users to use its IoT-based devices. The use of Ethereum Blockchain allows the company’s agents to pay for electricity every 15 minutes. This sort of service is offered with the help of high-end blockchain cryptography.

6. TWO IoT

This IoT startup works on managing waste. The startup uses this concept to enable waste-bins with blockchain to allow the waste-management companies to monitor the waste content in the society in real-time in the bins before they send trucks to empty the bins. This is the unique concept by TWO IoT that saves a lot of time, effort and resources.

7. Helium

Helium uses radio technology to make the internet connection stronger by using simple low power IoT machines like microchips, routers, etc. This California based IoT startup recently got the limelight about its first ever successful blockchain transaction. The company is aimed at spreading its boundaries across the UK, Boston, and California.