What You Can't Do on Blockchain

Blockchain, AI and IoT Together Might Soon Be Able To Do Our Chores

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), the trio of futuristic technologies are each being improved and upgraded everyday to be used in our day to day lives and soon might be used to do daily chores.

Blockchain is revolutionizing the world of business and finance along with the decentralized cryptocurrency. Artificial intelligence is being used to build sentient robots. The Internet of Things is connecting all the devices we use everyday. It is what enables us to control our heating system with our phone. However, the real benefits can be derived once we start blending these technologies.

Robots have been reportedly been used for various purposes by the developers of AI. They have been used to carry out most human activities like cleaning a bathroom or serve dishes. Now if we go one step further and think of using AI for doing regular tasks like grabbing the mail, walking the dog or even, answering the door we will have to think IoT as well as, blockchain.
We know, blockchain network can automate things, thanks to smart contracts. In this case, the “robot butler” would be tied to an IoT network like IOTA.

If suppose, the user owns a smart car which requires charging. The butler would automatically be aware of this because of the network and will be ready to start charging as soon as the user reaches home. The user does not need to programme the devices separately as long as they are under the same blockchain network.

If the fridge notes that the user has run out of something, say apples, the AI assistant can help replenish that. The possibilities of the uses are endless. Once the blockchain network becomes the foundation, any other technology will find it helpful to be utilized. Decentralization ensures that everything can communicate uninterrupted, and the benefits will follow.

With further advancements of each of these technologies, they will seem increasingly useful if used in our everyday lives. We can hope that the trio will make our lifestyles much easier and smoother in the coming decades.