Block 30 and ECU Collaborate For Expansion In Europe

Block 30 and ECU recently made an announcement about a global strategic partnership between themselves. This collaboration would enable BLOCK Indexes and BLOCK ETX (Exchange Traded Index) products to feature on the EUCX trading exchange, which is scheduled for a launch later this year.

Brian McLaren Foote, the CEO of BLOCK 30 Financial, informed that they were indeed excited to start work with the EUCX in Europe and. He noted that both the companies were aiming for rapid expansion to other markets. He also added that EUCX gives them an immediate, well-curated, and highly compliant footprint into the European region. He is of the belief that customer demand for BLOCK Indexes and Blocks Exchange Traded Index (ETX) products is much more pronounced in the European area.

BLOCK ETX’s financial products, including BLOCK 5, BLOCK 10, and BLOCK 30, will all be available on ECU for people to invest. CEO of EUCX, Eric H. den Boer mentioned that BLOCK 30 Financial is well on its way to bring in an entirely new generation of global financial products with its tokenized BLOCK ETX product. He is confirmed sent about investing in simple baskets of digital assets, and tokenized versions of BLOCK stocks, bonds, and real estate is a multi-billion dollar opportunity, and they want to lead the industry.

According to CEO of Block 30, CEO, EUC is well equipped with the perfect market technology system needed to implement new product lines while delivering high-frequency trades across digital assets, foreign exchange, and other tokenized types of BLOCK investment products. Both the companies, Block 30, which is based in California and EUC which is based in the Netherlands have planned to roll out their services in 2019-2020 timeframe.