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BitVit Plans to Incorporate Crypto in Global Network of Health Centers

A new blockchain firm, BitVit, has ambitious plans for the establishment of a worldwide network of health facilities for helping people live longer and better. Despite surging life expectancies, BitVit is focused on the health issues that take lives away from people.

Its white paper indicated that German women live for  83 years on an average with 11 years battling sickness, and for men the numbers are 78 and 9 respectively. Therefore, it hopes to create a “holistic solution” to allow for knowledge exchange between experts and a publication of these opinions on a public domain, aiming at a healthier future.

The concept involves the Yllasports Centers that will rent sports equipment, provide professional training and provide a host of activities such as Zumba, Pilates etc. Nutrition is also a key focal point and users will be a part of culinary lessons, consultations and weight-loss programmes. These will also aim at improving health indicators, physical and mental.

BitVit wants payment for these services to be made by a cryptocurrency called BitVit Coin, with special bonuses and discounts accompanying transactions.

The firm is convinced that tapping into crypto will transform the health sector, by improving reliability, networking and widespread adoption. BitVit Coin is just one of the six facets of this plan. An app is in the pipeline to make cryptocurrency transfers easier as well as to sell data to experts in lieu of rewards. An exchange is also on the cards for allowing BitVit/Euro and other fiat currency exchanges. Debit cards made for this purpose and a BitVit e-Wallet are being created to allow for storage and exchange of the cryptocurrency with other kinds of digital coins. Decentralization and security are key aspects of these plans, with eWallets also being available to large firms.

1st July had seen the beginning of a BitVit Coin presale, which will continue till 15th August. On the 16th, the ICO will begin and go on till end of September. With a cap of 200 million, a large quantity of these coins are being made, with more than half being on sale for $0.50 dollars each. Having a fundraising goal of $60 million, BitVit has set a minimum amount of 100 coins for each purchase.