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Bittrex Adds Bitcoin Cash Support For Its USD Markets

Bittrex has had quite a turbulent time of late and has been through several new additions and deletions recently. It has just become one of the latest major exchanges to add Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support to its USD fiat markets. This comes as a positive signal for the cryptocurrency which has been recently listed on few major crypto exchanges.

Recently, it had delisted bitshares, bitcoin private and bitcoin gold wallets from its platform which created quite the buzz. After the BTG network got hacked in May, the crypto was all set to be delisted by Bittrex which had made its intentions clear regarding this imminent delisting quite a while back in September.

Bittrex is a US based blockchain trading platform founded in 2013, with its headquarters in Seattle. It recently announced this new development on Twitter.

Bitcoin BCH has in recent times emerged as the most popular payment option when it comes to crypto, and this new development will surely allow retail users and investors to bridge the gap between U.S. dollar and Bitcoin BCH.

Bittrex is currently the 13th largest cryptocurrency exchange if one goes by trading volume. It’s support of BCH is commendable since this is the crypto which reflects Satoshi’s original vision.  Investors who are looking for a safe and secure, cost effective cryptocurrency for USD, can blindly trust Bittrex since it is one of the most secure exchange platforms of its kind.

BCH offers a lot more advantages than Bitcoin in terms of faster transaction speed, lesser cost and a more secure method of trade. Bitcoin BCH has also been seeing mostly greens on the charts as it has gained significant traction in the recent rallies.