BitTorrent Owner and TRON Founder Justin Sun Named in an Employment Dispute Lawsuit

A lawsuit accuses Justin Sun and other Rainberry Inc. employees for allegedly profiting from movie piracy. The lawsuit has been filed against this company which is behind BitTorrent run by TRON founder Justin Sun.

Justin Sun is also the founder and the CEO of the TRON Foundation. He successfully acquired Rainberry Inc. in the middle of 2018 aimed at bringing the product under the umbrella of growing his network for TRON.

According to the reports, the lawsuit stems from an employment law dispute recorded in October 2019 by a couple of previous Rainberry Inc. workers. The 70-page lawsuit blames Justin Sun and his subordinates for taking part in the piracy of copyrighted materials, notwithstanding various work environment infringement including dangers.

The lawsuit says –

“Defendant Justin Sun and his hand-picked mainland Chinese-born subordinates were engaged in illegal piracy of copyrighted materials for defendant Rainberry Inc., in order to make a profit from the illegal piracy of those materials, as well as other illegal and unscrupulous activities.”

Lukasz Juraszek and Richard Hall, the two previous Rainberry Inc. workers behind the suit, see themselves as informants in taking a stand in opposition to the organization’s supposed piracy. The suit claims the two workers were ended after their “out and out refusal” to take part in criminal infringement.