BitTorrent Local Token BTT Surges By 600% Since ICO

The BitTorrent network launched its own BTT token on the TRON platform and the ICO saw the token being sold out in few minutes. The latest reports show that the prices of the BTT token have surged by over 600% since the ICO was conducted on 28th January.

BitTorrent, which is a peer-to-peer file sharing platform, launched its token in January 2019, and the Initial Coin Offering saw the BTT token being sold out in a matter of few minutes. The BitTorrent community is aiming to develop a worldwide decentralized network of content sharing platform based on blockchain technology.

BTT Token Sale Brought in $7.1 Million

BTT ICO token sale went live on the Binance network on 28th January and within 15 minutes it saw the sale of 50 billion of its token bringing in $7.1 million in token sales. TRON, the platform which would host the BTT token, was excited with the development and the CEO Justin Sun officially announced that 23.76 Billion BTT tokens were sold within 13 minutes and 2 seconds, giving the token a valuation of $0.00012 per token.

At the time of writing BTT token was trading at  $0.000885, a massive 629% jump in the prices since the ICO and a 47% rise in the last 24-hours. The coin’s total supply is fixed at 990 billion BTT tokens.

The coin’ss trading volume in the last 24 hour is around $360 million, proving that the people are interested and see the potential in the coin and the reason behind it.

Final Thoughts

The BitTorrent platform is aiming to decentralize content sharing over the internet. Often creators and producers are concerned about the piracy of the content on the internet, however, with BitTorrent in the picture now content creators can hope for incentivized work, and the deserving ones will surely benefit the most out of the platform.

Blockchain technology with its decentralization factor can bring in the necessary changes in many sectors which are plagued by middlemen and piracy issues. BitTorrent has launched its BTT token on TRON as the network is gradually gaining momentum and becoming a common decentralized place for content creators and entertainers.

With BitTorrent in the picture, you can reward the content on the network through BTT tokens, sell your content or even promote the right content, thanks to the decentralized working model powered by Blockchain.