Bitstamp To Speed Up Crypto Transaction With Fireblocks Integration

Bitstamp is an European crypto exchange and the largest by trade volume. Today, the cryptocurrency exchange has announced that they have integrated with Fireblocks to empower select institutional clients to move assets more productively by turning into the first exchange on the platform to support transactions with only one confirmation.

Fireblocks is an enterprise platform for safely moving virtual asset. It is utilized by the absolute biggest institutions to securely and effectively move assets between exchanges, custodians, counterparties and different wallets, which simplifies operations and gives a significant level of security for associations that frequently move a lot of benefits.

Bitstamp, by integrating with Fireblocks, has made it simpler for their users to move assets between the various platforms they use. Furthermore, Bitstamp is presenting an optimized procedure for the clearing and settlement of digital currency exchanges on Fireblocks.

Miha Grčar, Bitstamp’s Global Head of Business Development, said –

“As the infrastructure available to institutional cryptocurrency traders continues to mature, transaction speed is increasingly coming into focus as a potential bottleneck, by integrating with Fireblocks, we’ve made it much simpler for our customers to initiate transactions between different platforms. The lower confirmation requirement we’ve introduced is the next step towards more efficiency, allowing the transactions themselves to complete faster.”

As the main exchange to empower quicker clearing as well as settlement of cryptocurrency exchanges on Fireblocks, Bitstamp is adopting a proactive approach to what is by all accounts the next frontier in institutional digital currency trading. At present, crypto transactions with only one affirmation are just accessible to choose institutional clients, with plans to grow accessibility to a greater amount of the Fireblocks network soon.