Bitpay Will Now Allow Merchants to Pay in BitcoinCash

There is pleasant news for the fans of Bitcoin Cash. Bitpay has announced to offer flexibility to its merchants to settle their transactions in Bitcoin Cash.

Atlanta based firm Bitpay was established in 2011, and since its inception, the company has worked hard to give powerful tools to its merchants for accepting blockchain payments. Earlier the merchants could only settle transactions in their local currencies like EUR, USD, etc. without the risk of price volatility of digital currency. On 29th August the company announced that merchants can now settle their complete transaction or part of the transaction in Bitcoin Cash. Now the merchants have the flexibility to split their funds into a fraction of Bitcoin Cash and fiat.  

Most businesses prefer to conduct business in their local currency, but the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies has encouraged the firms to use and hold digital currencies. To empower its merchants, Bitpay has introduced the second digital currency settlement option.

Bitpay has always allowed its merchants to settle their transaction in bitcoins (BTC) and now merchants will also be able to settle the transactions in bitcoin cash. To avoid the price volatility merchants can also settle the transactions in their local currency or fiat. Since its inception in 2011, Bitpay has made lots of changes to improve its service. Recently the company has added Bitcoin Cash Support for merchant invoice and debit card’s loads.

The settlement fee per transaction for BTC is rising at a rapid pace. The merchants who have settled their transactions in BTC have been charged $50 per transaction while the settlement fee for bitcoin cash is as low as $0.003 per transaction. Settling the transaction in bitcoin cash will be extremely affordable for the merchants. Low settlement fee for bitcoin cash is a great incentive for the merchants to switch from bitcoin to bitcoin cash. During the payment invoice process, merchants have to choose either bitcoin or bitcoin cash.

If you want to settle your transactions in bitcoin cash, you have to register for the Bitpay’s merchant services.