BitGo Begins to Support ZCash on its Security Storage Platform

BTC Wires: BitGo, a security company based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology announced on 25th July, 2018 that it would begin to support Zcash on its blockchain-based platform. BitGo prides itself for operating in a space that emphasizes on ensuring reliability, credibility, trust and confidence in digital asset management. It practices and provides services in custody that works with multiple currencies and is also multi-signature. Its platform is loaded with several features and these include and go beyond services like payments, management of treasury as well processing. In addition, it also provides business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) services. As we have learnt from reports lately, the first successfully scored 57 cryptocurrencies powered by Ethereum onto the portal it runs.

The new support for Zcash means that crypto users and enthusiasts will now be able to make use of BitGo solutions to store their ZCash assets and tokens. They can easily use wallets and custody options provided by BitGo that are multi-signature in nature.

The CTO of the firm, Ben Chan, believes that Zcash is an appropriate fit for BitGo’s objectives as a brand and that this compatibility in terms of the focus on privacy and safety makes this such a potent combination or partnership. Chan remarked that the institutional investors had taken the initiative to include ZCash within the ambit of their offerings.

An engineer with ZCash, Brad Miller has remarked that the ecosystem team of ZCash and BitGo’s team has worked with great sincerity to make sure that the support and integration for it is smooth. This is not to be the last of BitGo’s moves in this arena as it is planning to support 100 tokens by the end of 2018, almost doubling the present 57. BitGo insiders have also taken interest in a potential asset custody service which they are presently analysing before a decision can be taken. The times truly appear to be exciting for this field.