Bitfury Hires New CEO and Exec for Crystal Blockchain

Bitfury, a blockchain technology company has hired two new executive level employees to lead its analytical tool wing Crystal Blockchain. The Crystal Blockchain is basically an analytical tool meant to conduct research and investigation into transactions that happen over the public blockchain networks. Heading this firm will be Marina Khaustova as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In addition, Chris Dickson will be heading the software sales division.

Both these new employees come with a solid track record and experience. While the new CEO was earlier the chief marketing officer of the Element Capital Group, which she also co-founded, Chris Dickson was earlier employed with Panaya, a company that sells enterprise software solutions.

The two new employees are not replacing any previous employee. Instead, these roles are newly created, which proves that Bitfury is getting increasingly interested in the role of diversified software offerings, alongside its Bitcoin mining business. The company’s first foray into the world of enterprise blockchain solutions and such softwares happened with the launch of Exonum in 2017. Exonum was the basic blockchain framework meant for enterprise usage. Later that year z the company also launched a payments app as part of its offerings on the Lightning Network of Bitcoin’s second layer.

Crystal Blockchain was launched in 2018 and was aimed at dealing with issues of scams and fraudulent activities by criminals on public blockchain networks. Its clients included firms that were particularly emphatic on compliance and bodies that dealt with law enforcement. In addition, financial institutions and companies involved in cybersecurity also bought into its services and solutions.

Speaking to a crypto and blockchain media outlet, the chief communications officer of Bitfury, John Mercurio said:

“After a year of growing interest in the product, we are bringing Marina on board to help take it to the next level.”

Marina Khaustova, the new CEO of Crystal laid down her vision for the company, saying that she hoped to:

“build a compliant bridge between digital assets and the traditional financial system.”

She has earlier worked extensively with crypto capital markets and tokenization in an investment setting. She has also help advisory positions tasked with boosting sales and devising marketing strategies. She has also founded a number startups dealing with advertising in the crypto and blockchain field.

As for Dickson, he earlier served as the executive Vice President of Panaya. He has an experience of leading another former employer Verizon to a Europe-wide expansion and much more.

Clearly, with these two on board, Crystal Blockchain is looking at a bright future ahead.