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BITConME 2018 In A Nutshell

Having taken place in Dubai at Atlantis, The Palm, Blockchain Investment Technology Conference Middle East (BITConME) is an edition of the Blockchain Event Series hosted by the AEBICON Group. Being the 2nd edition of the event, it showcased real case-studies from multiple Startups, Blockchain Professionals, Institutional Investment Firms and Government Entities.

To cover the article live, our team of professionals was there at the venue who engaged with experts present at the event, and discussed with them their views on the Blockchain Strategy Dubai 2020.

The conference was a one-day event that started off with the CMO of Optherium Labs and the CEO of the Quantum Media Group, Ari Zoldan, being the official event moderator at the conference.

People discussed various ideas and plans that they intend to strategize. Jeannette Spaulding, co-founder, and CEO of Crypto Research Group elucidated the new and upcoming plans in her organisation.

The CEO of Atayen, Gauthier Bros. also took the stage and talked about their upcoming ICO of SaTT Token.

Our team also got the chance to be part of a personal conversation with both the Official Ambassadors of BITConMe: Simon Cocking, Founder and Senior Editor of Irish Tech News and Sally Eaves, the Global Strategy Advisor of Fintech Blockchain AI.

In talks with Sally Eaves about the event, she said that there were really interesting discussions about the current trends, future opportunities, and how the Blockchain technology can be harnessed. She also discussed the vision of Blockchain in Dubai in 2020 and how she wants the small cities to interconnect with each other.

While, in conversation with Simon Cocking, he said that Dubai wants to be the Blockchain leader. And about the vision of Dubai Blockchain 2020, he said that the transition from oil into the Blockchain technology is a good move for Dubai as it will be really helpful in many places.

Our team at the BTC Wires would like to thank the organizers of the conference, AEBICON Group, for giving us the opportunity to be present at such a stage and for their kind hospitality. We hope to be a part of the much awaited Blockchain Strategy Dubai 2020.