Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Volatility Candle Falls Down 2-Week Low

As the world economy is already into fire, Bitcoin is moving slowly from the sideways. The largest cryptocurrency’s volatility candle has dropped down after a long time with the rapid movement. With this update, investors are afraid whether they would be getting a claim on the same. 

Anondran, crypto analyst has addressed Current $BTC 12H lowest volatile candle. March 11 registered a start of Bitcoin plummet, with the loss of nearly 40% over $5K. 

As Bitcoin has shown unwillingness, the investors are embracing playing such moves in the days as it has become difficult to analyze whether it will go up or witness a downfall. The $6,800 resistance has showcased resilience with bulls. They are looking forward to breaking it above and receive more than $7K. It is still a case to worry that if they failed to establish to see Bitcoin retrace to the $5K in the next attempt.

If the volatility drops down, the buyers rate will be increased. Glassnode data showcase that there has been an 11% of growth in Bitcoin in just 24 hours. Through this, there are other developments including the passing of the $2 trillion stimulus package in the United States. Households may receive cash handouts of over $1,200. Some analysts still believes that some of this money will reach the crypto market for the development purpose.

With these positive development there is one major negative development which is announced that over more than 3.3 million U.S. based citizen are off the work due to the coronavirus pandemic. The production and businesses have got on hold for a specific time period till this disease is off the track forever. 

As most of the countries are lockdown and employees have nothing to do but sit at home without any work, the investors count has become low and prices have become stall. Through this act, holders might sell crypto to add their dollar liquidity and ensure their survival during the lockdown.