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Bitcoin Twitter Provides Support to Hodlonaut After Craig Wright’s Lawsuit Threat

Hodlonaut, the creator of Lightning Network trust chain and a Bitcoin community member has been threatened by Craig Wright with a lawsuit for calling him a fraud. The story was picked up by Bitcoin Magazine after Craig sent a letter to Hodlonaut on March 29, asking him to refrain from commenting and publically retract his statements. The letter by Craig demanded him to publically apologize for his remarks if he does not want to be sued.

Here is an excerpt from the letter,

“We strongly suggest that you take legal advice upon the contents of this letter, which is written in compliance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Defamation applicable to the High Court of England and Wales”

The letter details all the transgressions made against Wright, which his lawyers called one of the worst ways to abuse and libeled someone. According to the letter, Hodlonaut wanted to start a Twitter trend with the hashtag #CraigWrightIsAFraud and also start a “Craig Wright is a fraud Week.”

As per the reports, the attorneys from Craig’s side was supposed to file a proceeding in the UK court by April 5, if Hodlonaut failed to apologize before that, however, no such thing has happened as of now.

Hodlonaut Attracts a Bounty On His Head

Holocaust’s Twitter account has gone defunct since the letter came into public acknowledgment. The reason is being said to be a bounty announcement for anyone who helps in finding the location of Hodlonaut. Bill Beatty, the editor in chief at Calvin Ayre-owned CoinGeek published an article which seemed more of a press release announcing a bounty of $5,000 in BSV for anyone who helps in identifying Hodlonaut.

The article reads,

“Rest assured, @Hodlonaut and the other trolls are about to discover why ‘he who laughs last, laughs best.’ They’re in for an even greater shock when they realize that the bastardized Bitcoin variants they’ve championed can’t scale to meet the needs of a truly global financial platform, and thus they’ve expended all this vitriol for nothing.”

However, the Bitcoin Twitter community has come out in support of Hodlonaut, changing their profile pictures in support of him as well as sending out solitary messages.

Even CZ Binance has called out Wright and threatened him with the delisting of his BSV token.