Bitcoin Trader Suspected of Murdering his Girlfriend in the Philippines

A 21- year old noted Bitcoin trader Troy Woody has been accused of murdering and disposing of the body of his girlfriend. The girl in question, 23-year-old Lancaster woman, Tomi Michelle Master’s body was recovered from the Philippines river.

The woman’s hand were tied down with duct tape and there was a plastic bag over the head when police recovered her body. According to a report, Woody along with his friend Mir Islam has admitted to dumping and disposing of the body, however, both of them are blaming each other of the murder.

The 23-year-old, Masters was working at a medical marijuana facility in California and her last reported address was 9020 West Avenue J in Lancaster. Victim’s father Shwan made an interesting revelation to the reporter that his daughter and Woody were scheduled to fly home on December 17, however, they never made it and within 6 days, the US embassy in Manila informed him of her death.

Tragic End of The Vacation

The released CCTV footage shows the two suspects Troy Woody jr and his accomplish Mir Islam loading a huge box in the back of a rented cab. The suspicious behavior of the two accused made the cab driver inform the police, who searched the river and found the body. The head superintendent of Mandaluyong City Police Custodial Facility, Igmedio Bernaldez has said,

We have yet to establish the motive. The three were here on vacation. If you ask the boyfriend, he will point to his friend as the killer. But if you ask the other suspect, he will say it was his friend who killed her. They are being questioned and the home they were staying at is being searched for evidence.

According to the common friends of the couple, there was a fallout between the two and Tomi wanted to return to Indiana. However, Mir believed if Tomi returns to Indiana Troy would follow the same and their crypto venture might get affected.

Both the accused after the arrest asserted and introduced themselves as the chief executive officers of Delaware-registered cryptocurrency trading firm known as Luxr LLC.