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Bitcoin Trader Commits Suicide, Blames Brother And Police For Harassment

A Bitcoin trader in India has committed suicide on Saturday late night, leaving a suicide note behind. The note left by the victim alleges that he was being harassed by a senior police officer and his brother for the losses that he incurred on their behalf.

It is being reported that the victim was given 5 Bitcoin by Haresh Savani, but when the victim lost the Bitcoin in trading he along with his senior police officer brother started harassing him. An investigation officer has said that the victim has accused Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) Chirag Savani and his elder brother Haresh Savani of putting pressure on him and threatening him to compensate for the losses they suffered in bitcoin trading.

In the note, the victim has mentioned that he used to work as a Bitcoin trader and invested bitcoins on behalf of the Savani brothers, the officials said,

“The suicide note will be sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory for examination, and Ranip police inspector will conduct an investigation based on the FSL report. The handwriting of the suicide note will be examined and the matter will be investigated. Offenses will be registered if a case is made out.”

The suicide note left by the victim alleges that he has no other way left than take his own life, as the two brothers were constantly barging into his house to get the Bitcoin he has lost in trading. The suicide note read,

“There is huge pressure on me and my brother. I am very disturbed due to bitcoin recovery. Chirag Savani visited my house and threatened me to pay him back the entire bitcoin. I am compelled to commit suicide. And the pressure of the two brothers is responsible for my suicide. My family members have nothing to do with this and they are innocent” Official quoted the suicide note left by the victim.

India has been ranked 11th in terms of cryptocurrency trading, however, without any regulatory framework for its use put in place, and the passive nature of the government towards the crypto has made it next to impossible. The current suicide can actually build a great case for the crypto enthusiast for the need for well-defined laws to be put in place to avoid cases such as these.