website hit with ‘absolutely massive’ DDoS attack

The attack came only 1 week after a U.K. court ordered the web site to prevent hosting the Bitcoin white paper.

A website progressing to support the growth of Bitcoin has been hit with a DDoS attack.

Cøbra, the pseudonymous owner of, reported on Twitter that the website had been hit with an “absolutely massive” distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attack beside a ransom demand of an unrevealed quantity of Bitcoin (BTC). At time of publication, remains accessible.

“Back within the day you’ll place up an affordable fight against most DDoS attacks,” aforementioned Cøbra. “Now they only take you down at will. there’s no ‘fight’ any longer, you go down and keep down till they leave you alone.”

While DDoS attacks have antecedently targeted major crypto exchanges, it appears somewhat uncommon for attackers to look at website like, that holds no data concerning funds or users, solely open source data on the BTC blockchain and also the cryptocurrency. The website was the target of an analogous DDoS attack in December, that resulted in users being unable to access the Bitcoin Core software system for a couple of hours.

Last year, major DDoS attacks targeted Binance, OKEx and Bitfinex. At the time, business executive Changpeng Zhao claimed that the attack on Binance was undertaken by its competitors in an effort to hurt its name instead of steal funds.

This isn’t the only time the website has been in the news in recent weeks. has additionally been the target of legal threats from Craig Wright, the person who claims he created Bitcoin. Last week, a U.K. court gave a decision in favor of Wright claiming copyright violation against for hosting the Bitcoin white paper — Cøbra didn’t mount a defense to the proceeding.

“I didn’t show up as a result of defending myself against nonsense is a waste of time,” the owner mentioned at the time.

Following the court ruling, blocked access to the Bitcoin Core software system for any user with a U.K.-based IP address. The project has additionally removed any links to the Bitcoin white paper.