Bitcoin Mining Farm In Southern Illinois To Be Backed By William Shatner

The former Star Trek actor, William Shatner (popularly known as captain Kirk), is of the opinion that southern Illinois can be the final frontier for Bitcoin miners. He has already started working on it and is recruiting new tenants at solar power mining facility in the area.

William Shatner is the spokesperson of Solar Alliance, a Vancouver based developer of alternative energy projects. He has announced to build a solar powered Bitcoin mining operation in an abandoned southern Illinois factory.

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network, which is a decentralized digital currency created and exchanged without central banks or administrators. It is the world’s first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin’s public ledger or past transactions or blockchains. Validating the Bitcoin transactions requires huge amount of energy and hence the process is known as “mining”.

Bitcoin mining harnesses computer network to validate and record transactions that uses virtual money. This is the work for which miners are paid in bitcoins. The process requires a lot of energy and this is the reason why the idea was conceived and proposed.

Shatner proposed a huge and vacant 165, 000 square foot to be designed with an array of solar panels. The panels will power the mining operations. He further added that Illinois’s policy of requiring utility companies to buy renewable energy made the project economically feasible. William is hopeful to have tenants ready for the mining farm by the end of this year. Though he’s been honest to admit that his knowledge about Bitcoin is not  very in-depth.