Bitcoin Investors Continue Making High Return on Investments Despite Trailing Prices

BTC Wires: As per recent reports from various cryptocurrency price trackers, Bitcoin investors continue to make a high return on their investments despite trailing prices. The downward trend of the BTC/USD prices is ongoing and has now declined by more than 75% since the all-time high of December 2017, but in the broader context, investors still have registered returns of over 150% since July 2017. This feat achieved by Bitcoin assumes greater significance in a broader context where only two cryptocurrencies, Stellar and IOTA, have registered a better performance.

Various other cryptocurrencies are trailing far behind or have just recently started their operations. The current trading price for Bitcoin is $6.535.88, thus making sure that the investors who have been in the space for more than a year are able to celebrate a handsome return on their investments.

Due to the recent market upheaval, experts have cast aspersion about latest altcoins despite the fact that they have successfully generated quick profits for investors. One such critic, Tone Vyas, who is a renowned crypto trader recently tweeted that “The ONLY [shitcoin] that is NOT a Scam is the ones you have not yet Researched(sic).” He recently had publicly criticised TokenPay, an altcoin, by paraphrasing the words of Saifedean Ammous, an educational Bitcoin author. He had criticised TokenPay after unearthing a connection between TokenPay and Verge, another altcoin which has been hacked numerous times in the present year. But despite harsh criticism from various sectors, TokenPay is offering 300% return to its investors versus the initial trading prices.

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, also drew attention to Bitcoin and Litecoin’s nascent implementation of the lightning network and suggested that the future for ultimate decentralized exchange option is the prompt implementation of the lightning network.