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Bitcoin Inspired Artwork ‘Code’ on Display in Amsterdam

Famous for its imposing architecture and canals embellished with artwork created through the medium of light, the Amsterdam Lights Festival attracts tourists from across the globe. Art connoisseurs flock to the beautiful city every year, and this year was no different other a very unique artwork on display at the festival!

One of the Amsterdam’s most famous streets, the Herengracht has on display an artwork that is puzzling to many. The work of art is actually Bitcoin’s code.

Called the “Code”, the unique artwork is the creation of Dutch artist Frederike Top. the 37 years old artist says she has been conscious of where the artwork is placed. Interestingly, Top has displayed the art over an erstwhile bank building. The website of the festival elaborates on the artwork and explains that Top is making a statement by highlighting how the cryptocurrency threatens traditional banking.

The website reads:

“Central control is no longer needed for digital transactions as opposed to the traditional financial world. Cryptocurrency is a real threat for governments and banks as Top highlights in her installation by positioning it in front of the enormous, ‘closed’ former bank building.”

Interestingly, the BTC address includes the word ‘bank’. The purpose of the Bitcoin address is actually a charitable one where those wishing to send the money to the address are donating it to a foundation called Huis van de Tjid. The charitable organisation supports older people suffering from the illness of dementia.

Earlier in 2018, the House of Nakamoto, which is named after the creator of Bitcoin, was opened in the city of Amsterdam. It  is a Bitcoin museum and it aims to inform the masses about the world of digital currencies.

Comparatively, Amsterdam is a Bitcoin-friendly region. The House of Nakamoto situated in the city has a retail store that sells digital currency-based products.

Frederike Top’s artwork is seen as a bold interpretation. The artist, who usually works with furniture and lamps, says that her artwork needs more engagement from the users. ‘Code’ is on display till January 20, 2019.