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Bitcoin Halving Pump Is A Fairy Tale, Says Crypto Whale

An intently-followed whale who earned $20 million in acknowledged profits on Bitfinex in December through January is including his feedback the Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency market crash.

The whale, who goes by the name Joe007, as of late cautioned that ‘phantom money’ pushed Bitcoin to its February high of simply over $10,000. Presently, he says that he trusts Bitcoin will hit last low when ‘genuine interest’ for the main digital currency finally kicks in.

The merchant looks for a rise in the market capitalization of the stablecoin Tether (USDT) to measure whether new money is truly entering the market and says strategies like parodying were utilized to prop up the market.

Concerning the promotion over the eagerly awaited halving, which will diminish the measure of the new Bitcoin entering the market, Joe says it adds up to a fantasy.

“Didn’t you know? It’s only manipulation when the price goes down!”

“When the price is pushed up on zero volume while ‘magic halving’ fairy tales are fed to you, it’s not an attempt to ignite FOMO and trap retail traders! No no no! It’s organic growth and S2F [stock-to-flow model] is highly scientific!”

In spite of his sharp scrutinize of the market, Joe says that he is still bullish on Bitcoin (BTC) over the long haul, and he’s prepared to purchase when individual traders ‘start running around in panic.’