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Bitcoin Easter Eggs

Easter eggs refer to a secret message which is hidden from the plain sight, but people who are aware of the concept can find it after putting in their knowledge of the subject combined with various permutation and combinations. Usually, when we talk about easter eggs, we generally think of movies or video games, where the creators efficiently hide a message and the avid fans if careful can get a clue for the things to come in advance.

The concept of Easter eggs dates back to 1970s when an Atari game developer hid his name in the game, which can only be accessed if the players go through certain levels in the game, they land up in a secret room with the creator’s name plastered all over the walls.

Bitcoin an open-source software program also picked the trend of embedding secret messages deep under the layers of code. The first example of an Easter egg in the Bitcoin network was done by the creator Satoshi himself. If you can find your way to the Genesis block of the Bitcoin, you will be introduced to a message purposely left by Satoshi which reads,

“Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.”

This discovery was made by many at the early stages, however, what many missed was that the same message has been repeated and buried under the pseudo code for genesis block. There is a hexadecimal string of codes which when converted to alphanumeric reads,

“sknab rof tuoliab dnoces fo knirb no rollecnahC 9002/naJ/30 semiT ehT”

If you reverse the code, it repeats the main headline again.

Bitcoin Easter Egg in Street Art

Easter eggs are not just limited to codes and have become quite common in videos and even paintings. Recently during the Paris Yellow Vest protest, someone buried a Bitcoin address into a street mural painting lying in the plain sight. The creator announced it on twitter that the street mural painting has a puzzle hidden which when solved, would lead to an address having a certain amount of Bitcoin. Whoever is able to solve the puzzle gets to keep the Bitcoin. worth $1000.

Bitcoin Easter Egg in Google Home

Another case of Bitcoin easter egg came from the tech giant Google, where its product Google Home provides the user with a range of information on digital currency when asked to speak to Mr. Satoshi.

Easter eggs are not meant to be found easily and immediately, it might take months, years and even decades before we realize the pattern and understand the information which has been there for years. Take the second message of Bitcoin genesis block, which took almost 9 years even when the same message was earthed almost quite easily.

Thus, we can conclude that there may be hundreds of Bitcoin easter eggs lying around, which are waiting to be discovered, only those who have an eye for finding the cryptic messages might succeed, so keep your eyes open, try various permutation and combinations if you feel there is something beyond the plain sight and who knows you might find a couple of Bitcoins next.