Bitcoin Dips Faster Than Mercury: Price Now Lower Than $3900

Christmas cheer seems to be eluding Bitcoin’s price this festive season, as it just fell lower than $3900 mark. As of press time, the price is $3898.46, a far cry from its nearly $20000 high of last December.

Most of the top cryptocurrencies seem to be in the red as of now, with few exceptions like Bitcoin Cash that have managed a moderate increase as opposed to the small losses most of its neighbours in the crypto chart are facing. WAVES, the 19th cryptocurrency as per market cap, seems to have outdone most of its pricier counterparts, racing ahead to register a 8.89 % increase.

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Besides Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and WAVES, the only three other cryptocurrencies on the top 20 list that have retained a green line alongside their names, are MIOTA, DASH and the Binance Coin. Such a sorry state of the crypto state has even affected Ripple, the cryptocurrency with the second highest market cap, that had been had been quite the success story of the latter part of this year. Its price has registered a fall by 3.19%. Ethereum, the third highest, who lost the second place to Ripple earlier this year, has seen a fall as well. However, Ethereum’s fall has not been all too steep, being roughly around 0.42%.

The crypto winter has even seen the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined fall by a significant margin over the last 24 hours. Its dip below the $130 billion mark indicates a continuation of the gloom that has beset crypto for many months now. As of press time, its value is $127,846,889,712. Yet, what is heartening about the scenario is the fact that despite the fall over 24 hours, the total market cap has seen a certain lead over its initial $101 billion value. However, it is lamentable that it couldn’t hold on to the $137.5 mark it had seen on 20th December.