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Bitcoin could be Your Only Saviour When Apocalypse Arrives

Bitcoin was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 as a tool for revolutionizing the current debt-ridden economy through Distributed Ledger Technology. Bitcoin as a concept always drew attention from those who have the least amount of trust in the society run by centralized institutions, be it debt-ridden banks or corrupt governance.

The early adopters of Bitcoin were those who held libertarian views and believe that the doom is inevitable. Bitcoin could prove to be the only way out when the apocalypse hit, be it due to a nuclear war or the banks perishing under the burden of debt. Whenever that time arrives, the fiat would be the first to falter and the world would be back to the traditional ways of barter. in these days of anarchy, one must keep their crypto close as its value would only grow in times when all other modes of exchanges lose value.

The Internet Might Take the First Hit

In case of an unavoidable tragedy, the first service to be banned would be the internet. The Internet has become the backbone of every system today, be it for communication purpose or for sending funds, so when the doom arrives, governments around the world would shut down the internet to take control. In these circumstances, you can neither withdraw money from your own account or send it to someone in need.

This is where Bitcoin might turn out to be a savior, given you can send Bitcoin over 1000s of KM using the radio waves. Yes, a technology which has been invented at the peak of the internet age can survive without the internet. In recent times there have been several experiments in which Bitcoin was sent from Canada to San Francisco using just the radio waves.

A peer-to-peer cashless network like Bitcoin has been designed in such a way that the users do not necessarily have to be dependent on a centralized system like the internet to process transactions or send funds to others.

Apart from radio waves, Cointext has also started service using which you can send Bitcoin Cash to anyone using text messages and without the need for any kind of internet connection.

Spending Bitcoin Could Be Even Easier Than Transferring it

Transferring Bitcoin over the radio waves might sound tricky at first, given the generation is hooked to the internet for the most part of their lives. However, spending Bitcoin in post-apocalypse can turn out to be easier than transferring it.

The system of Bitcoin expenditure would be heavily governed by trust value and physical crime would be more prominent than the digital one. Thus, having a store of Bitcoin for these times could turn out to be a life savior. Spending Bitcoin might be the only option to get your day moving and the peers on your network would play a very important role as the process include trust value.

The funds need to be held by the peers as centralized exchanges would not be the best place to store them, given they would be the first target for those trying to take control of the things. Thus, people would need to safeguard their digital assets with their life as they would be the only valuables that matter in troubled times.

Final Thoughts

The apocalypse scenario does not necessarily have to be total anarchy or a zombie break out. Apocalypse can come in the form of tech giants taking over the governments and the internet which they already control to a great extent. These tech giants have already amassed a ton of data and they can use it against us.

Another scenario of the apocalypse could arise from governments taking complete control and eradicating basic rights of the citizens, with the army and nuclear power under their control, it would not be a far-fetched thought if the officials at the top see their control vanishing.

Whatever may be the form of apocalypse, Bitcoin and crypto can be the only savior in times of total social imbalance.