Bitcoin Could Be The Answer To Debt-Based Ponzi Schemes

The recent wear and tear down in the prices of gold has made many institutional investors look for other hedging options, and the unanimous tone seems to be pointing towards Bitcoin.

Bitcoin which is already being pegged to leave the Gold as the most valuable store of value has every potential and technological aid to achieve the milestone.

The other aspect which might make Bitcoin a leader is in countering the threat posed by debt-ridden Ponzi schemes due to the limitations in centralized bank issued fiats. Many believe Bitcoin is the answer to the current debt-ridden centralized institutions.

Bitcoin Better Than Gold?

Many institutional investors who are seasoned in the trading game see the potential in the pioneer of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and believes it can turn out to be more valuable than the gold.

Travis Kling, Ikigai Asset Management’s founder and Chief Investment Officer, reportedly stated at the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit in Grand Cayman:

“There is a really good chance we have something better than gold. It’s like a CDS against fiscal and monetary policy irresponsibility.”

The current global debt stands at a whopping $22 trillion and the crony capitalism policies of the bank have already driven the issue beyond repair. The Federal Reserve can no longer lower the interest rates to counter the ever-increasing problems which might see the world on the brink of another major global financial crisis.

The lowering trust of people towards the financial institutions and government policies has already been seen in Paris, and many other developing nations are on the verge of protest against the government.

This has led many analysts and investors to look for better alternatives. Morgan Creek founder and CEO Mark Yusko have gone on record to state:

“We believe bitcoin will be one of, if not the, largest network on the planet. We are in the middle of the greatest wealth opportunity … It’s beyond any of our imaginations.”

Final Thoughts

The sudden interest of institutional investors in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, is proof that Bitcoin is going to dethrone Gold sooner than later. The question is how well the crypto community and regulators work in coordination to bring the necessary change for mass adoption.

Recently a JP Morgan analysts pointed out that the current bearish trend in the market is a good sign for institutional investors of Wall Street. As the prices of Bitcoin has been rallying around $3,400 mark, it shows that the bubble-like behaviour and the burst and rinse cycle are nearing an end, making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a more reliable trading option.