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Bitcoin Cash Powered Honest Cash App Sees Organic Growth

Bitcoin Cash powered publishing platform Honest Cash which was launched in November 2018 has seen significant growth over the months. Bitcoin Cash community created the new app after the blogging site decided to go towards the Bitcoin SV after the November hard-fork. Since then the app has introduced various new features and a custom SLP-based token called Honest Cash Token (HCT)

The platform was created by Adrian Barwicki, who is better known for his creation Panda Suit software Development Kit (SDK). The creator of the platform has kept the registration mechanism at bay, while the members are added only through the invite-only mechanism, which is working perfectly fine for the platform.

The network currently boasts of 5000 visitors on a monthly basis while the registered user stands at 1,184. Adrian Barwicki says,

“In the first 2 weeks of February, Honest Cash has got more new users than in November, December, and January, respectively”

What Has Changed On the Honest Cash App Since Its Inception

When the Honest Cash platform was launched in November it was a basic website with the various formatting options. Since then a number of new features have been added to the network which includes, the option to upload photos, add tags and share using buttons tied to Reddit and Twitter.

Apart from these features, the app also ties a tipping link along with articles using which, the visitors can reward contributors with crypto in a matter of a few seconds. The app has also added the wallet option with QR code verification option.

Future Developments In the Pipeline

On February 6th, the developers on the platform announced a new partnership with, a Patreon alternative. The current move is being speculated to appeal to a larger user base who can use the app to, “earn pledges and secure backing within both platforms.”. In the same month, the creators also announced their SLP-based Honest Cash Token (HCT).

The developer community distributed an initial fund of HCT tokens to some Twitter users and contributors on the platform. The developers also announced a reward of 1000 HcT tokens for anyone who writes advocating for the underdog. The team explained,

“Write a post on on any topic surrounding; honesty, censorship or discrimination,”

Final Thoughts

The recent surge in organic traffic on the honest cash app is a morale booster for developers, who are trying to create a decentralized content contribution platform. The platform promises crypto rewards in the form of HCT and also have tipping options for each post.

The contributor’s work on the platform is being acknowledged all over the internet while Reddit features the write-ups on a regular basis. The Bitcoin Cash network’s goal of a decentralized content platform seems to be taking shape.