Bitcoin Cash Network All Geared Up for Token Development

Bitcoin Cash network is focused on token development and creating a token ecosystem built on top of its BCH network. In the last couple of weeks, the projects like Wormhole and the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) has seen some significant progress where numerous tokens have been created and these newly formed tokens have found appropriate wallet support as well.

Among numerous tokens that have been developed on the BCH network, some of the most noted names include,

  • Vote (VOTE)
  • Useless (USL)
  • Killthebeast (KTB)
  • Falcon (FLC)
  • Official SLP Token (SLP)
  • Berniecoin (BERN)
  • Dogecash (DOGE).

SLP Developer Thanks Electron Cash Team Members

James Cramer, the SLP developer has recently thanked the team involved behind the Electron Cash development, who played an instrumental role in releasing the official Electron cash SLP client. Cramer also explained that the newly formed wallet can help in token creation and also send them to Badger. During his interaction, Cramer also hinted that they are planning to launch an official website which would help the community to trade SLP tokens for BCH.

The newly launched Electron Cash SLP client is available for  Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Apart from SLP, another major protocol which has created a buzz in the BCH community is Wormhole, this protocol is being used to create burnable tokens.

Wormhole Protocol Based Token creation on the Rise

Wormhole protocol has been in the news for months now and according to an official estimate, a total of 2729 BCH has been burned since the inception of the project. You can get all the details about wormhole cash transactions, created assets and burning details using the official Wormhole explorer.

Wormhole protocol based tokens are widely accepted by a variety of wallets like the official Wormhole Cash client, Badger, Coco, Ifwallet, BitComet, and Pure Wallet. The sudden boom in the tokenization on the BCH network has got everyone’s approval from the developers to the community members.

This boom in tokenization has made the community members to demand a BCH-network based stable coin as well.  The CEO, Roger Ver seems to like the idea and have hinted towards the creation of stable coin in near future. The tokens created on the network are quite easy to use and have the backing of various wallets and exchanges. Roger Ver explained,

“Six new tokens were already created today alone If you want to test it out, install Badger wallet and post your SLP address and I will send you some tokens so you can see how easy it is.”