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Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Continue Their Miraculous Run, Keep The Crypto Market Pumped

The crypto market has continued to grow for the third day in a row without any pullback. Bitcoin has gone past the key resistance point of $5,000 and continues to grow and so does most of the other altcoins. However, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are moving at a much rapid pace, both making double-digit gains for the third day. The total market capitalization has stayed over $170 billion.

Bitcoin touched $5,300 for a short period of time and pulled back to rally around $5,100 price point, but the good thing is despite small gains when compared to other altcoins, it has remained above the $5,000 mark for the most part in the last 24 hour.

Ethereum has pulled back a little in the last 24 hours to move around $165 price point. Despite making significant gains during the recent rally, the upward movement for the second largest digital asset is not on par with other altcoins which have seen much bigger gains in the last three days of upward price rallies.

Bitcoin Cash has shown tremendous growth and despite being on the third day the momentum has not slowed down. BCH is still making double-digit gains and currently valued at $304, making a 20% surge in the last 24-hour price chart. The tremendous growth has pegged BCH at the fourth spot taking over EOS and LTC. The altcoin has gained a whopping 82% to its total valuation in the past three days.

Litecoin is another altcoin in the top 10 which has continued to make double-digit gains for the third day in a row. Litecoin has gained around 10% for the third day, taking its prices to $90. The combined value of BCH and LTC in the last three days have added $10 billion.

Other than these most of the altcoins did not move as much and only gained a few percents on the third day.

A Market Pull Back Maybe On the Cards

It’s quite common for the crypto trade market to see a pullback when a massive price rally of this intensity has taken place. Since the market has gained continuously for three days on a trot, many analysts predict that a pullback might be near which might see a few coins losing some of the gains.

However, the investors would be hoping that the pullback won’t cost them dearly and the crypto market still maintain at least their upper key resistance level.