A Canadian Jewelry Dealer, Birks Group, Announces Its Plan To Accept Bitcoin

Crypto enthusiasts can finally purchase fine jewelry, timepieces, and silverware using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash from eight select Birks Group locations in Canada. Birks Group has been offering jewelry services in the Canadian region for more than 100 years with its 28 Maison Birks as well as Brinkhaus stores.

Through the partnership with BitPay, the Birks Group locations which are accepting Bitcoin are in Brinkhaus Calgary, Vancouver West Hastings, Bloor, Fairview Mall, Montreal, Yorkdale and Calgary. Moreover, the newly opened Petek Philippe, as well as Graff stores, will be accepting digital currencies shortly.

The chief executive officer of Birks Group, Jean-Christophe Bédos, said that the company’s collaboration with Bitpay is the significant milestone for the business.

The executive explained, “As an internationally growing brand, we believe that Bitpay will benefit our customers as we look to align ourselves with these innovative capabilities that are at the forefront of technology.”

Sonny Singh, the chief commercial officer of BitPay, added that the fine jewelry operation has a significant number of international shoppers. Thus, accepting borderless cryptocurrencies makes perfect sense.

International Clients and Fine Jewels

The Canadian firm isn’t the only jeweler in the world that is accepting cryptocurrencies since a slew of businesses has started accepting cryptocurrencies since last year. BitPay, last year in September, partnered with Samer Halimeh NY. Also, a well-known luxury diamond retailer that is located in Knightsbridge accepts BCH and BTC for retailer services and B2B gemstone trades.

On last October, Marks Jeweler began to accept seven cryptocurrencies, including BCH for the products and services.

Birks Group explained that retail store customers in select locations could buy popular jewelry brands like Cartier, Bulgari, Rolex, and Breitling using cryptocurrencies.

Sonny Singh noted during the announcement, “Accepting bitcoin helps Birks Group cater to their high-end international clients and get new customers while providing an innovative and safe payment option.”