Binance Hires New Global Strategy Officer

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges has hired a former strategic executive at Dell and the National Basketball Association, Gin Chao, as their new global strategy officer.

This is a very significant position at Binance since it entails a list of very important responsibilities for the office holder. Gin Chao will now be responsible for advancing the organization’s global strategy, overseeing and heading initiatives in corporate development, venture investment and its legal departments.

This position also requires Chao to recruit new people and bring departments closer together. Chao was previously a VP of Strategy and Corporate Development at National Basketball Association (NBA). Before that, he was Director of Strategy at Dell.

Chao will be expected to grow the business for Binance by finding out new business opportunities for Binance partners. He will also be expected to come up with new strategies for areas and projects within the company, and oversee and manage them.

Binance has recently been undertaking some bold new developments such as the launch of its Trust Wallet on its decentralized trading platform Binance DEX on June 4. So far, the product has been performing well in the market.