Binance Exchange Brings Back The MANA Trading Competition

Just an hour and a half back, Binance, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, has made an announcement that it is bringing back its MANA trading competition. The competition will begin from tomorrow, that is 4th December, 2018 and will continue till 11th December, 2018. The key protagonist of this week-long trading contest will be the MANA token of Decentraland.

Recently, the Binance coin or BNB token and its Trust Wallet have been incorporated into the scheduled LAND auction of Decentraland. This month itself, Decentraland will be conducting an auction for virtual land, this being the second time such an auction is being organised by the firm.

The prizes for winners of this trading contest would include a very attractive amount of 1875000 MANA tokens, currently placed at roughly 0.72 dollars each. In addition, the winner will be also given a parcel of LAND, branded by the Binance Exchange itself.

In this contest, the users will be ranked according to their respective trading volumes and the first 100 of them will each win a share from the 1800000 tokens set aside by the hosts. As we have already mentioned, the winner gets to keep a LAND parcel, and the remaining 7500 tokens will be distributed among 10 lucky winners picked out by a lucky draw that is only open to those having a trading volume of at least 30000.

While Binance is a leading exchange, Decentraland is a company that provides a virtual experience to its users with the help of blockchain technology at its core. With it, users can create 3D apps and contents and go on to earn money out of it as well. The competition, a commemoration of the increased cooperation between Decentraland and Binance, will hopefully live up to the expectations creations created by last edition in 2017. The announcement of the event, with participation details and terms, can be found here.