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Binance Coin Touches New All Time High Price of $32.80

Binance coin’s impressive run does not seem to be halted even when the news of the Binance hack surfaced. The coin which achieved its all-time high record only last month saw a slight dip when the news of the hack surfaced. However, it has again gained the momentum to set another all-time high record of $30.

Binance coin (BNB) has surged by 260 percent in the last 3 months alone, and it has maintained a steady upward trend throughout the year. BNB just broke its all-time high price to trade at $32.80 before a slight dip which took the prices down to $31.52. The recent surge can be attributed to the encrypted announcement made by Binance this morning. The tweet was just a picture with the writing “2.0” which many speculate to be a hint towards the upcoming development on the exchange including the launch of margin trading for Bitcoin and other digital assets.

The price movement of BNB throughout 2019 has made it the best performing digital asset in top-10 cryptocurrencies.

How Long Before BNB Touches $40?

Now that BNB has broken past the key resistance of $30, and also achieved its all-time high price twice within a period of one month, it would not come as a surprise if it also surpasses the next key resistance of $40 mark. Looking at the current price charts, BNB would face strong resistance at $35, $37 and $38. However, whatever new price highs that BNB breaches would be an All-Time-High record.

The constant surge in prices of BNB and the bullish sentiment throughout 2019 has made BNB coin one of the hottest crypto assets in 2019. A coin which started of near-zero value back in 2018 and rose above $32 in 2018 is surely one of the biggest success stories in the crypto space.

BNB currently has a total market capitalization of $4.45 billion and being a utility token on the world’s largest crypto exchange has surely helped the cause of the BNB coin.