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Binance CEO Indicates Possibility of Making XRP Base Currency

A recent Tweet from the CEO of Binance has indicated that the XRP community’s long-time requests to have XRP included as a base currency of this leading cryptocurrency might be answered soon. In the Tweet, attached below, the account named CZ_Binance has said that the “xrp base shill is strong”. The XRP community members have long been campaigning for getting XRP become a base currency. Clearly, their efforts are finally bearing fruit, or at least that is what seems from the Tweet.

XRP is already the base currency on several exchanges such as the XRP United Exchange and the CoinField Exchange. If you have read our beginner’s guide to Ripple, you would know the various advantages of this payment protocol-based cryptocurrency. In recent times, XRP has proved its mettle in the crypto sphere and has effectively knocked Ethereum out of its second spot (in terms of market cap) once again this year. In fact, the currency seems to be steadily gaining momentum, and widening the gap between itself and Ethereum. Even as the Bitcoin Cash hash wars have affected the market negatively, XRP has continued to rise, leading crypto influencer Ran Neu-Ner to root for Ripple, and ask his followers to dump their BCH and BTC holdings and buying XRP right away.

XRP is rather well-known for its extremely speedy transactions and low costs. This makes it great as a bridge cryptocurrency as Ripple itself functions as a great protocol to convenience cross-border payments, so as to help unbanked communities. Given that XRP has been performing so well, it could well be that introducing it as a base currency might help Binance achieve a greater user count.

The CEO of Binance, Chanpeng Zhao has also added a LinkedIn link to his tweet. This Linkedin Link, if followed leads to a discussion on how to get one’s coin listed on Binance. Now, that post requires the XRP CEO to effectively fill out a form if he indeed wants to have XRP listed. Either Brad Garlinghouse or David Schwartz, from XRP can therefore fill the form and as of now, it seems that the XRP community is urging them to fill up the form ASAP so that XRP can become a Binance base currency. The following Tweet is an example of such a request.