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Beware of the Fake Domains Registered With the Name of Libra Crypto

The recent days have been filled with headlines about Facebook’s native crypto project Libra and the latest in the long list of news stories about the eagerly anticipated cryptocurrency is that it is triggering the launch of several fake domains on the internet. According to the findings of Digital Shadows, a cyber threat intelligence company, more than one hundred fake domains have recently been registered with connection to the name of Libra.

The researchers identified over 100 Libra-related registered domains as of the 19th of last month. They also found many dozens of them connected to the digital wallet Calibra. Many of these websites apparently contain malicious content. The report divided the websites into two broad categories. One of them included the websites pretending to be the official website of Libra while the other type included those trying to promote scams.

Alex Guirakhoo, who works as a strategic intelligence analyst at Digital Shadows, commented on the findings and said:

“Instead of relying on media buzz and hype around the brand, these types of scams instead aim to convince victims that they are on a legitimate website, and therefore more likely to trust it with their personal and financial data.”

Digital Shadows managed to identify a website that asked visitors to buy Libra with ETH to gain a 25% bonus. Many of the websites followed a homographic technique to copy the Libra and Calibra websites, easily fooling visitors to believe that they were getting the real deal.

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The issue of such scams are very frequent in the crypto sector with scammers and hackers constantly trying to siphon off crypto funds from gullible users by dropping the names of hyped up projects like Libra or by simply relying on the old ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It is advised that users are very careful to double check the legitimacy and credibility of the websites they visit in connection with the Libra project. It is best to cross check several times the security certificates and also to not fall for offers that seem unrealistic.