Global blockchain congress consensus

Bengal’s First Global Blockchain Congress Consensus Kicks Off Today

West Bengal’s Department of Information Technology & Electronics has taken focused approach towards leveraging Blockchain technology to establish West Bengal as a front-runner in becoming an emerging Technology Hub. While the world is still looking at Blockchain technology with skepticism, India’s enthusiasm for Blockchain and its applications has only risen in recent year, and West Bengal seems to be taking the lead.

The Global Blockchain Congress – Consensus 2018 is starting today, December 18th and will be two-day affair held at the state’s capital, Kolkata. The summit is being hosted by the State Government’s Department of Information Technology and Electronics and is slated to host quite a few internationally acclaimed speakers on Blockchain.

Among the list of speakers who will be in attendance are Brazil’s Blockchain Academy co-founder Rosine Kadamani, Belgian blockchain and cryptography specialist Bart Preneel and India’s own Sreeram Anathasayanam, who serves works with blockchain technology at the Indian office of consultant MNC PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

The official website of the event says that the primary focus of the summit is to “build a holistic ecosystem on Blockchain technology in West Bengal through knowledge sharing, workshops, awareness generation and providing a single platform for all stakeholders – Industry, Academia, Startups, Corporates, Governments and Investors to understand, collaborate & explore the potential of Blockchain technology.”

Almost 2000 people are expected to attend, coming from a diverse range of fields, from academia to business and investment, reflecting the event’s potential in drawing more interest and possibly, more investment towards developing the Blockchain industry in West Bengal.

Among the list of notable dignitaries taking the stage today are Russia’s representative, Mr. Mikhail Strochinskiy, Ms. Rosine Kadamani of Brazil’s Blockchain Academy, Ms. Mani Dasgupta, CMO, IBM Global Business Services, USA and ISI Kolkata’s Padmashri Dr. Bimal Roy.

The BTCWires correspondent team will be on the ground covering every event, quiz and panel and our social media team will keep you updated through every quiz, seminar and panel throughout the event.