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Benefits of Blockchain In Mobile App Development

Blockchain as a technology is being extensively used in every industry across the spectrum. From education, to healthcare, supply chain management and many more.

Despite that, there still remain many such industries which could benefit from the use of blockchain but haven’t been able to integrate the technology as of now.

One such space where blockchain could and should be used, is the mobile app development space. I personally believe that a technology like blockchain could bring about significant transformation in this industry, and help change the way we do things traditionally.

Now when listing the benefits of using blockchain technology in mobile app development, the very first advantage is its decentralized nature. Blockchain is based on distributed ledger technology which makes it an open and shared ledger containing data, that’s not owned by a single owner and can be accessed by all.

This decentralization could prevent a monopoly when it comes to the collection of user data by a mobile app. The data generated shall be stored in a blockchain and can be viewed by all, thereby making way for a distributed and transparent system. It essentially will result in a democratization of the usage process.

Another point of benefit is the greater security that this technology would offer to any mobile app. Let’s say you have to send a transaction through an app. The peer-to-peer nature of the technology, as opposed to a client/server architecture makes it a secure space for transactions to be carried out. It also eliminates the need for validation by a third party.

The traceability, transparency, and autonomous use that a technology like blockchain could guarantee in mobile app development is invaluable. Which is why this a clarion call for all developers to continue experimenting with this technology and help it gain mainstream acceptance in the field of development.