Satoshi Nakamoto

Before Satoshi Nakamoto Became No One

With the arrest of Julian Assange in London, a few of us have been reminded that some cryptocurrency investors of an early proclamation made by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto on the bitcointalk forums, where he remarked on a PC World article that talked about Bitcoin as a payment system for WikiLeaks.

In 2010, Satoshi Namakoto stated –

“It would have been nice to get this attention in any other context. WikiLeaks has kicked the hornet’s nest, and the swarm is headed towards us.”

The mysterious pen name, Satoshi Nakamoto, seems to be the kind of individual or a group of people going into the matters with a calm and level head. The claimed Bitcoin creator was remarking on the way that the focus on WikiLeaks was increasing and would ultimately draw in a ton of troublesome consideration regarding Bitcoin itself.

It appears that Satoshi Nakamoto was seeking after Bitcoin to grow naturally and not pull in undesirable attention through associations with a body like WikiLeaks, which has stirred governments and authorities. The site at first began accepting donations in Bitcoin and this appears to expel the requirement for payment platforms like PayPal.

A Reddit user –

“WikiLeaks announced that they were accepting Bitcoin donations because they were kicked off of every other major payment platform. WikiLeaks was all over the news for publishing confidential military documents and the first time many people ever heard of Bitcoin was when it was mentioned in association with WikiLeaks.”

Julian Assange himself has even spoken bullishly on Reddit concerning Bitcoin saying –

“There is a lot on bitcoin in my book – on my thoughts on it, and on WikiLeaks’ history with it. [Google’s] Eric Schmidt and I conversed for a while about it, and I also included a lot of notes to expand on my views. It’s a fascinating and complex subject, so I can’t possibly go through all of it.”

The famous Edward Snowden took to Twitter to denounce the arrest and considered it a ‘dark moment.’ You can see his tweet below –