BTC Wires Platform Add Supports SLP Tokens

BCH community has been quite active with their customized Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens, creating variously customized tokens for a number of platforms. In the last few weeks, there has been a number of SLP tokens created for platforms like Telegram tip bot, a Twitter tip bot, Badger wallet logo integration, and SLP token support for the payment platform

The BCH community has been proactive as a platform for token creation especially based on SLP protocol. The SLP tokens customizability gives it a unique outlook which has enabled the developers to create unique tokens like dragon ball, steam cash, nazgûl, wonton, and crown coin.

The BCH community has also started a social experiment on the lines of Lightning network, called “Torch Passing ceremony” which uses a single non-divisible token called SLP Torch.

SLP For Telegram

Telegram is all set to launch its own platform based token in the coming days, however, the BCH community has already created a tipping bot for Telegram which can be used within the platform to tip hosted channels.

Coinspice a crypto news outlet has also partnered with Telegram to allow its user to tip in spice tokens as well. The users can simply command the Telegram bot and decide the number of tokens. If we look at the Spice community it’s quite active.

The tipping bot is also available for Twitter and the users are sharing the spice token on the social media platform as well. The Spice community is 397 members strong and as the popularity increases the numbers are set to go higher. Payment Platform Adds Support for SLP Tokens is an online payment portal which allows its user to accept BCH in a non-custodial fashion. The portal is free to use for everyone and quite simple to use, and it does not have a server either. all it takes is an internet connection with two devices, the sender and the receiver to utilize the Bchpls system.

The on March 13th announced that it would add support for the SLP tokens and even added a video demonstration for its users to understand how one can use it.


BCH community has been on a development spree since the infamous hard-fork last year. The number of developments and various new features like tokenization and support for decentralized application has made the network quite a contender for the cryptocurrency of the next generation.

The creation and use of SLP tokens are on the rise and looking at the number of tipping bots that have been created in recent weeks the development is set to grow even faster.