BCH Developer Anthony Zegers Breaks Off Connections with Bitcoin Unlimited

Anthony Zeger, a Bitcoin Cash developer and an early flab bearer of BU (Bitcoin Unlimited), has decided that he would no longer like to be a part of the project.

Zegers announced his decision to leave BU community through a blog post. The reason for taking such a decision is Bitcoin Unlimited’s proximity with the Bitcoin SV community and an apparent lack of response from Bitcoin Cash SV and Bitcoin Unlimited with regards to the lawsuit lodged against many members of BCH community.

He wrote –

“As a whole, I feel that Bitcoin Unlimited has been ineffective at countering BSV. I don’t want to associate myself with BSV in any way, and because of this I feel that I must separate myself from Bitcoin Unlimited.”

The United Corp filed the lawsuit in December 2018 against Roger Ver, Kraken, Bitmain and developers of Bitcoin Cash including Jason Cox, Amaury Séchet, and Shammah Chancellor. As per the lawsuit, the defendants were engaged in unjust methods of competition and through a series of deceptive, sneaky and bad practices, manipulated the BCH network to benefit themselves and to the detriment of United American Corp and other BCH stakeholders.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants hijacked the BCH network by engaging in a process known as “rented hashing.” It is the process of temporarily and artificially redirecting the computing power for gaining absolute control of a network. Thus, the system is against the principles of decentralization and the blockchain tech.

Zegers said –

“While the parties responsible for this aggression seem to be shrouded in mystery, they represent a part of the BSV community. At a minimum, I think it’s fair to say that the BSV community has not taken a strong stand condemning the lawsuit.”

Not only Zegers, another BU developer, Andrew Stone, also feels that the lawsuit is frivolous and is an intimidation technique.

He even quoted –

“I personally believe that the lawsuit is entirely inappropriate, is intended as an intimidation technique, and I call on whoever is behind it to stop. If you don’t stop out of decency, then do so for the good of the BSV coin, since I believe your behaviour will push away developers and investors.”