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Bahamans Can Now Verify Educational Certificates On The Go

BTC Wires: The Bahamians looking for jobs, to reduce the bureaucracy and to enhance convenience, now have an option of getting their educational certificates shared and verified from anywhere in the country.

The Nassau Guardian, the largest newspaper in the Bahamas, stated the fact that the Commonwealth Of The Bahamas launched the Bahamas Blockerts, a Blockchain-based credentialing system which became the first technology to have run on Blockchain in Latin America and Carribean region. This platform helps the Government of the country to keep a track of all the national educational qualifications (certificates, academic degrees, and diplomas) and how they are being created, issued, verified, and viewed.

The official twitter account of the IDB Caribbean/Caribe stated in one of its tweets that:

A mobile app on which the participants of the initiative can store their Bahamas Blockert Portfolios has several URLs listed which uniquely identify all the digital certificates that an individual has earned. The participants just need to add the website URLs to their resumes instead of all those paper certificates.

Although this project could involve the inclusion of 23 new national agencies, the National Training Agency of the Bahamas is the only agency as of now which is involved in issuing the Blockchain Digital Certificates.

Bahamas Blockerts eyes to expand to other sectors including business licenses, tax compliance certificates, and other important documents.

Dion Foulkes, the Labour Minister of the Bahamas gave his statement to the Nassau Guardian,

“We piloted the initiative with the NTA, but the vision is to have Bahamas Blockcerts form a core part of the government’s National Blockchain Strategy.”

French academic institution, Leonarda da Vinci Engineering School and the Holberton School in California have already been conducting the verification of academic certificates using Blockchain. In both these cases, it was noticed that Blockhain proved to be the cheaper and efficient way of verification.