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Australia Get its First End-To-End STO Platform Courtesy Konkrete and Nugget News

Nugget News, Australia’s leading educational platform partnered with security tokenization platform Konkrete to give Australia its first End-to-End STO platform. The announcement was published by Nugget news on Friday which read,

“The recent partnership of Nugget and Konkrete would provide the entrepreneurs with the opportunity to create a compliant security token issuing for investors in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United States. “

The partnership between the two firms looks promising given Nugget news enjoys a healthy reputation among the crypto enthusiast in the community. Many believe this would help the firm in generating a considerable amount for the upcoming End-to-End STO platform.

On the other hand, the partner Konkrete is the perfect choice for the technical input and have quite a reputation in creating security tokens. Konkrete can help the network in the tokenization in a manner which is compliant in Australia and other jurisdictions.

Alex Saunders, the CEO at Nugget News said,

“Nugget’s News has long been helping Australian blockchain-based startups reach their potential. As the industry and its regulations continue evolving, it is great to be able to join forces with a team as diligent and experienced as Konkrete to know we are launching securities in a fully compliant fashion.”

The partnership between Nugget news and Konkrete can prove a boon for the upcoming STO platform which might help several firms looking to launch their own STO projects. They can expect the cooperation of the platform in areas like project development, security tokenization, issuance, legal compliance, along with a host of other support services.

Australia Leading the path for Crypto and Blockchain Development Projects

When we think of pro-crypto and pro-blockchain nations, Australia definitely does not come up among the top choices, but the country is among one of the fastest growing nations towards various blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

The recent launch of the STO platform is only going to make the country one of the preferred destinations for various security token offerings. With STOs slowly taking over as the preferred method of fundraising over ICOs, Australia can see itself getting ahead in the crypto race, where the majority of the nation is still struggling to develop a user-friendly crypto regulatory framework.