Augmentors Becomes First Blockchain Game on AppStore

Augmentors, a blockchain-based game has become the first to be added on a mainstream platform like Apple’s App Store. In one of a kind move, Apple has decided to break the stigma around blockchain and feature the augmented reality game, thus paving the way for a more substantial adoption and bringing the much-debated technology to the mainstream.

Augmentors works on the basic principles of blockchain and has its in-game token called Databits (DTB). The gameplay is similar to Leagues of Legends, where players duel against each other to build an empire and acquire new characters. The battles within the game are in the card deck form with four main abilities of attacks and defense. It is a Player vs. player duel, where you earn characters and bounties in tokens which can be exchanged against fiat currency.

The addition to the App Store is not a big surprise given the game was already launched for iOS and Android almost three months ago.

Augmentors is one of the first to be added on the vast network like App Store but, in recent times many blockchain based games are slowly making their way into the mainstream. Arcade Distillery, a game developer famous for creating titles on the mainstream gaming networks such as  PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch has decided to go the Blockchain way. The company has announced its plan for a game based on Ethereum Network to be launched on PS4.

Similarly, Plague Hunters is another name which has seen the potential of incorporating the blockchain into the gaming platform. The successor of Plague Road is a single player focused game with turn-based strategy RPG with some Player vs. Player elements.

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What Blockchain brings in for the Gaming Platforms?

The current problems of the gaming sector are similar to any other mainstream sector, i.e., an inappropriate incentivizing program, monopoly over the data and total control. With the introduction of blockchain based games, the companies can project their game to a broader audience. The tokens of the game must hold some value against fiat, and the incentivization comes on track.

The control gets distributed, so cheating and adding a bug to the network gets next to impossible. Since the game works on blockchain nodes, the traffic is evenly distributed, which would lead to no drop in frame rates or a lagged network. The applications of blockchain in the gaming sector would take it to another level as it is already a billion dollar industry.

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Final Thoughts

Blockchain technology was always aimed at rooting out the grass-root level problems, but commercialization has bound it to just cryptocurrencies and trade market. Of course, implementing it in every other sector is not as simple as it may sound, but we must look for ways to create intermediary tools for its incorporation rather than generating another token for the trade market.

As it is evident from the current gaming example, if implemented correctly everyone would adopt you, be it tech giants like Apple or the centralized authorities like the Bank and the government.