Attention Game of Thrones Fans: You Can Now Amass Cool Crypto Collectibles

If you are a crypto enthusiast who is also eagerly waiting for Sunday night to arrive and the second episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 to air, there is some exciting news for you! As the ultimate season of this sensational TV show plays out across HBO and partner streaming platforms, crypto enthusiasts have a new way to express their love for the show and its characters. A startup, called Nodesmith has come up with the cool idea to develop crypto collectibles revolving around your favourite GoT characters and honestly, we cannot wait to get our hands on them.

Even as Game of Thrones creates history by breaking all records and becoming the most viewed fictional show on television, Nodesmith has gotten to work, developing ERC20 tokens to tap into the frenzy the last season of the show seems to have inspired. Nodesmith is a startup from the United States that usually works with blockchain technology and develops new applications on Ethereum and Aion.

These tokens will basically be ERC 20 standard tokens built on the Ethereum platform and will be mined while this last season of the show is on. The startup has only created four of these tokens till now, based upon four unique and well-loved characters.

The Ned coin is a uniquely designed collectible as it plays on the popularity of the now-dead Ned Stark, whose death by beheading in Season 1 of the show set many of the key incidents into motion. Even though Ned is no longer in the show, his legacy lives on and his past actions continue to have their effect on what culminates in the present.

Keeping that in mind, Nodesmith has come up with a Ned coin.To add a fun twist to it, it has developed it in such a way that there is a 20% chance of your token experiencing a “burn” and “dying” every time you transfer it.

The Hodor coin is an homage to the loyal servant of the Stark house who was known for repeating the word “Hodor” constantly because of a traumatic experience. Everytime this token is transferred, this defining word will be written into the Ethereum blockchain through the event logs.

The Brienne Coin is centred around another loyal and brave character, Brienne of Tarth, a courageous woman fighting for those she had sworn allegiance to. The same characteristic of loyalty will be a part of the token made in her name.

Lastly, the Daenerys Coin makes an allusion to one of the last living leads of the show. Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen may be a lot of things (as you can probably tell from her long title that she needs to have an aide announce quite often) but she is not afraid of taking on other powerful contenders to sit on the Iron Throne. There are just three of these tokens because she is the mother of 3 dragons.

Are you excited or what?